BCCSSAA Application For Membership

The BCCSSAA Application for Membership must be received by the current president within 3 weeks of a BCCSSAA General Meeting.

Application for Membership




* Please include a brief cover letter from your principal

**Upon confirmation of acceptance into the association, and association binder will be given to your athletic director.

*** Please take note of the attached registration fee sheet.

Registration Fees

Sport & LevelFee
Senior Boys Soccer$200.00
Senior Girls Soccer$250.00
Cross Country$25.00 Deposit
Grade 8 Girls Volleyball$150.00
Grade 8 Boys Volleyball$150.00
Jr. Girls Volleyball$150.00
Jr. Boys Volleyball$150.00
Sr. Girls Volleyball$175.00
Sr. Boys Volleyball$175.00
Grade 8 Basketball$175.00
Grade 8 Boys Basketball$200.00
Jr. Girls Basketball$250.00
Jr. Boys Basketball$225.00
Sr. Girls Basketball$275.00
Sr. Boys Basketball$275.00
Grade 8 Badminton$35.00 Deposit
Jr. Badminton$35.00 Deposit
Sr. Badminton$35.00 Deposit
Track & Field$75 Deposit
($4.00 per athlete)
Ball Hockey$75 Deposit
Affiliate Membership$50.00
Large school 8–12 (200 students or more)$225.00
Small school 8–12 (less than 200 students)$200.00
Middle School (Grade 8 only)$75.00